We are pleased to announce that THE GREAT NEPAL BOOK SWAP will be visiting the Barracks this year on the 15th and 16th of July

THE GREAT NEPAL BOOK SWAP is a fabulous way to release poor forgotten books from your shelves and discover new books you didn’t know you needed to read. Drop off your unwanted books in the red boxes in the reception of the community space at the Barracks on Sat 1, Sun2, Sat 8 and Sun 9th between 11 and 6pm. If you can’t make this you can also deliver them to 28 Payton Way, Waterbeach , from the week beginning 10th July. Please drop outside and wrap in plastic if rain is threatened.

The Book Swap will open for business on Sat 15th and Sun 16th of July 11am till 6pm

Come along and browse - reviews, reading advice and the ‘my perfect book’ service are all available. Donations are asked for any books you take - all proceeds go to CPS Nepal - an orphanage in Nepal. This will be the fourth Great Nepal Book Swap. Previous donations mean each child in the orphanage gets to choose a new book once a month. We also cover text books and the cost of a bookcase!