I work as The Claysmith producing decorative ceramic items, drawing on inspiration from typeface, nature and in this show, work has been influenced by the some of the prints of Louise Bourgeois. I am exhibiting framed tiles, vases and jewellery.

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If you want to email me you can at snoel@fastmail.com or telephone 07979 714562.


I came to Cambridgeshire from London over 20 years ago and have worked as a professional photographer for 15 years specialising in available light portraits and food image photography. Always having a creative itch to scratch I experiment with a range of media and my portfolio includes fine art photographic prints, ink, chalk and charcoal life drawings and variety of decorative and household ceramics. I lives in Landbeach with my partner and son.


Cycle Cycle
Natural Selection Natural Selection

I have been fortunate to benefit from training with Helen Humphries working in Waterbeach. Using impressions in slipware on hand built and pressed forms with earthy glazes and scribing with underglaze pen words and phrases on bowls, vases and pendants, I produce a range of realist and abstract works both decorative and functional.

On the Verge On the Verge
Fruits of the Land Fruits of the Land