I’m an engineer, photographer and artist mainly focused on landscape, cityscape and travel subjects. This is my second time exhibiting at Cambridge Open Studios, the last time was back in 2011. My favourite works are my Hand Painted Photography canvases which I will be exhibiting this year.

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I am probably not your typical photographer or artist, being a qualified structural engineer. I would probably be accused of being more at home with giant lumps of concrete and steel or pages of equations than with lighting and lenses. And while I do love engineering, I enjoy taking photographs. It’s as simple as that. They can capture a moment, allow you to remember things, brighten a wall, and convey emotions, feelings and messages. I started taking lots of pictures while I was at university, and just carried on from there.

I have spent my whole life in and around Cambridge (well two Cambridges actually, I spent a year studying at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts). I was born here, studied here and still I live here. I love it here, it’s so different from anywhere else and it’s a beautiful city. All of the architecture, open spaces and history make it a fascinating place to photograph and paint.


In the last ten years I have done a lot of travelling and taken many pictures, which is great. They are fabulous reminders of the places I have been, but having them on display is far more fun than them gathering metaphorical dust on my hard disk. The problem is that I don’t have enough wall space. So, I have decided that it would give me a lot of enjoyment to share all of these photographs with you in the hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

You can find many more on my website gallery.

Fence at the Golden Gate Fence at the Golden Gate
Wave Wave
Sunset Walk Sunset Walk
Brixham Harbour Brixham Harbour

Artwork - Hand Painted Photography

Most recently I have been expanding into hand painted photographs on canvas. These are based on my original photography which has then been printed to canvas as an outline and then carefully hand painted in acrylic. I really enjoy making these and think they are a modern twist to hand tinted photographs.

Works start out as a photograph. This is then digitally reprocessed into an outline, like the one above. This picks out all the sharp lines in the subject. This outline is then printed onto canvas.

Kings' College Chapel Unpainted Kings' College Chapel Unpainted
Kings' College Chapel Completed Kings' College Chapel Completed

Once printed on canvas I begin the process of applying the colour. For this I use built up layers of acrylic, but watered down so that the outlines still show through. This stage can take some time, with the paint being applied and let dry in several stages.

The Sole Bat Inn, Southwold Completed The Sole Bat Inn, Southwold Completed
The Sole Bat Inn, Southwold Unpainted The Sole Bat Inn, Southwold Unpainted

This method is well suited to the architecture of buildings, particularly in Cambridge, as it pick out the details and colours in the materials.

Great Court, Trinity CollegeGreat Court, Trinity College

Here are some more of my hand painted photographs, click to open the gallery for a larger view.

The Sole Bat Inn, Southwold The Sole Bat Inn, Southwold
St John's College Chapel St John's College Chapel
Beach Huts, Southwold Beach Huts, Southwold
Selwyn College, Cambridge Selwyn College, Cambridge
Rose Crescent, Cambridge Rose Crescent, Cambridge
Gate of Honour, Cambridge Gate of Honour, Cambridge